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My first official post on a nail polish is going to be about something every nail polish fanatic must have which is the …the base coat. Ever since I started painting my nails, I have always used a base coat because I have heard how important it is to use a base coat. The base coat that I was originally using was by a Japanese brand MUJI, that typically sells household use items and furniture. However, it also carries a small selection of makeup, nail polish, and shampoos, etc. I purchased the base coat the summer of 2012 after stopping in to look at their lightweight spring scarves. I actually only intended to buy their other nail polish which was a beautiful shade of clear rose color and gave your nails an extremely subtle rose tint on your nails, but since I needed a base coat, I ended buying their base coat polish as well. Since it was the first and only base coat I tried, I thought it was relatively good. My nails never turned yellow from the colors I painted on my nails thanks to my base coat. The only complaint I ever had was that the base coast was really really really hard to remove. Even after going over the nails a few times with nail polish remover, you could still see small patches where the base coat refused to come off.


The polish on the left is the MUJI nail base coat. The color on the right is also from MUJI. It actually doesn’t have a color name on the bottle, but it is a beautiful shade of pale rose color.

Not wanting to waste more money, I stuck with my MUJI base coat. However, I was getting really sick of having patches of base coat on my nails. I finally decided to invest in another base coat recently and headed to ULTA to pick out a brand (speaking of ULTA, I never used to like ULTA. I always preferred Sephora to ULTA, but recently I’ve changed my mind especially about their nail polish selection, but that is for another blog). After wandering through their store looking at their nail polishes, I was almost ready to leave with a bottle of the OPI base coat, as well as a bottle of the OPI matte top coat. When walking towards the checkout counter, I happen to pass by the Butter London display. Now, I have recently grown the love the Butter London brand, and had bought my first bottle about two weeks ago (again, a story for another post), so naturally I stopped and took a look. I was really surprised to see that their base coat color was a beige color instead of the typical clear coat. Unfortunately, you cannot try Butter London nail polish like you can try OPI, Essie, or the other brands, so I wasn’t sure what it would look like. I really liked the nude color though, so I figured I really couldn’t go wrong. I also picked up a bottle of Butter London Matte Top Coat just because I really wanted to try a nail design with matte nail polish. Before leaving the store, I did manage to talk with an ULTA salesperson and ask her a few questions about the different base coats. She informed me that her favorite base coat was actually the Butter London base coat because it is actually a really sheer, really light, matte coat and you could use it as a base coat or you could wear it as a stand alone nail polish.


The nail on the top is the nail without the Butter London base coat. The nail on the bottom has one coat of the Butter London base coat. You can’t really tell in the picture, but the nail on the bottom has a very very subtle beige color.

I finally tried the Butter London base coat last night because I wanted to get a head start on prepping my nails for Friday (I’m chaperoning Senior Prom and I promised my students I would do a really cool design to match my dress – pictures coming soon I promise) and I have to say I was extremely surprised and pleased with the result. After one coat the color is a very very sheer and slightly matte. Just looking at the hand that I painted, it doesn’t look like I have anything on my nails, but if you compare it to the hand that I have not yet painted, you can see a very subtle difference. On my unpainted nails you can clearly see where my nail plate ends and where the distal edge of the nail starts, but on the nails that I have painted, there is more of a blurring between those two parts of the nail. Because I didn’t have time to do anything else on my nail, I ended up going to school with just my base coat on and I really like the result. Even though nobody could tell I had anything on, I felt like my nails were just more polished and looked more even and clean.

Overall, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Butter London base coat. I haven’t really tried some of the other base coats, but I really like how sheer and matte it is, and not shiny like other base coats, and I love how I can wear it as a stand alone polish. I really want to see how the color builds up if I do more than one coat, I’m hoping it will turn out to be a very beautiful nude color that I can use often, and I want to see how it looks once I layer color on top of it. I promise to do an update the this post after I have done more with this polish.


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