Butter-ing your nails

Since I have started painting my nails, I have typically bought either Essie or OPI nail polish. Those are the two big nail polish brands that everyone really likes, and I really like the colors. However, today I am not going to talk about either one of those brands. Instead I am going to be talking about BUTTER LONDON nail polish (As if you couldn’t guess from the title…I know, I know, I’m lame :P)

So, I recently discovered the Butter London brand while browsing at my local ULTA store. I had seen the brand before in magazines, and I heard about them online, but I never knew where to buy them (until I start going to ULTA, which like I mentioned in my last post, I I’ll talk about it a future post hopefully), and I was happy with using just Essie and OPI. However, now Butter London is one of my favorite nail polish brands. Before I get to why I personally LOVE Butter London, let me introduce you to what it is.

Butter London was a company founded in 2005 by Sasha Muir who wanted to provide affordable nail service and high quality prices. Butter London nail polish or should I say Nail Lacquer (Since Butter London believes that Nail Polish is created in a lab, but Nail Lacquer is created on the runway) is a 3 free nail lacquer. This means that all Butter London nail products are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate). Now I’ve read many websites and there is basically controversy as to whether or not those chemicals are actually harmful to humans. All nail polishes sold in the United States are FDA approved. Although they may contain potentially harmful ingredients, they are allowed on the market because they are safe when used as directed (meaning they are fine on your nails,nut you probably shouldn’t be drinking nail polish) . Also, if there is only a certain percentage of the chemical in a product, then it should be safe for use. Now, there have been situations of people having allergic reactions if they have really sensitive skin, but for the most part you should be safe using these products. However, I am a firm believer that it can’t hurt to try and not use those products, which is why I am really happy that Butter London does not have those chemicals in their nail polish. If you are more interested in learning about these chemicals, I will include links at the bottom and you visit them and read all about them in detail.

Now, for why I love Butter London other than what I have mentioned so far up top.
First of all I LOVE the packaging for Butter London. The love the rectangular shape of the bottle. I have always loved rectangular or square things. I think they are easier to organize, take up less room, and just look cleaner overall. You can like them up nice and straight and there are no odd corners or wasted room. I also really love how Butter London has two caps, a square black cap that completes the squareness of the bottle, and a smaller black round cap underneath. I also love who there is a small crow logo printed on the top of the small black cap for nail polish colors, and the crown logo for all nail treatment bottles.

Second, I think Butter London is extremely true to the color in the bottle. One of the things I hate the most is picking up a nail polish bottle and buying it without trying it on, taking it home and then realizing later that the color is not at all what I expected. Even though I only have one bottle of Butter London nail polish, I have tried different Butter London colors, and so far all the colors that I have tried have been true to the color that you see in the bottle, including the one bottle that I have. I will continue to try Butter London nail polish, and if I find otherwise, I will let everyone know.

Third of all, Butter London nail polish was really easy to apply. The color went on smoothly, not streaky and splotchy. I have sometimes had problems with Essie nail polish being streaky, causing me to have to apply multiple coats to get an even coating. However, one coat of Butter London is enough to cover the entire nail and give it a nice glassy color and the color dried relatively quickly, without puddling. Also, the brush is smaller than the OPI brush and I thought it was easier to use and get into the corners due to the size.

Now, I would like to share some cons with the Butter Nail lacquer as well.
I used Butter London nail polish “Slapper” to paint a ruffled nail design on my fingers that only covered part of my nail. However, when I was removing the nail polish a few weeks later, I found that the nail polish was really hard to get off. It might have been because the nail color is so saturated that when I wiped it off with a cotton swab, it got all over my nails and the skin around the nail. I had to use quite a bit of nail polish remover to get all the color off my fingers. I’ve never had that happen with the other nail polishes I’ve used (and I’ve used some dark colors like when I did my galaxy nails using black nail polish, which I will talk about in the future). That was one of the major problems I had with the nail polish.

I have heard that Butter Nail polish chips more easily than other nail polishes, but I personally have not had that problem. I used a regular top coat with Butter Nail polish and my manicure lasted for at least a week before I personally wiped the polish off.

Below are the websites I mentioned about giving more information about chemicals in nail polish:
http://www.alllacqueredup.com/2007/05/big-3-chemicals-that-is.html#.UbPoEUA3tvB – this page is extremely comprehensive about the chemicals found in nail polish and other nail products.


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