OPI Sephora vs. Sephora X Nail Polishes

I was shopping at a local Sephora this past week and I noticed that all the Sephora OPI nail polishes are on sale for 50% off. Curious, I bought bottle for only $4.50 and then asked the girl who was ringing me up at the counter. She informed me that OPI and Sephora have parted ways, which was why everything was 50% off, and that Sephora was creating their own line of nail polishes that would be called Sephora X. Before I continue this post about the new line of Sephora X nail polishes, I just wanted to mention that everything nail related by OPI Spehora is 50% off, EVERYTHING!!! However, that also means that if there is a color that you really love, run to the nearest Sephora and grab as many bottles as you can because once they sell out, it is gone forever.

After coming home, I looked up Sephora X and noticed that they were already selling on the Sephora website (Although I think they aren’t making an official debut until Ssptember.) I think currently you can only find them in Sephora’s in NYC, although I could be wrong. I do know for a fact that I checked in a few stores (5 to be exact) in NJ and I have only seen them in one Sephora thus far. Sephora X nail polish will eventually become a massive collection of I think over 200 colors, which have been divided into multiple categories. These categories are:
The Illusionists: Top Coats That Transform
The Cosmics: High-Coverage Glitters
The Sparklers: Glitter Goes 3-D
The Prismatics: Twinkling Luster Dust
The Pearlescents: A Shimmering Spectrum
The Electrics: True Neon Pigments
The New Classics: Essentials Boldly Reimagined
The New Neutrals: Universal Shades – With a Twist
The Minimalists: Sheer Color Washes – With a Twist
The Industrialists: Elements of Grey
The Under and the Cover: Priming Base Coat and Glossy Top Coat

Although I have not had a chance to try any of the actual Sephora X nail polishes, I have to admit I was very sorry to hear the news. I personally really like OPI nail polish and was really happy that they had partnered with Sephora. The OPI Sephora nail polishes were as wonderful as the regular OPI nail polishes and I loved being able to run into my local Sephora to grab a bottle whenever I was either in the mood, or had to have a certain color. I also loved how each bottle of OPI Sephora was $9.50, no matter what color or kind, which is about the same as a bottle of regular OPI nail polish. Since OPI is such a great nail polish brand, I didn’t feel bad paying the $9.50 since I knew I was getting the same wonderful quality.

As I mentioned above, I have not had a chance to try the new Sephora X nail polish, so everything I am saying from this point is based on my personal feeling, or things that I have read online about the Sephora X nail polishes. If this information is for any reason wrong, or offends anyone, I apologize. The first thing I would like to talk about is the price of the new Sephora X nail polishes. After again checking online, one of the first things I noticed was the difference in price ¬†between the different types of nail polishes. From what I can tell by looking online, there seem to be two big price ranges for the new Sephora X nail polishes. More simple nail polishes, like the neon ones or the pearlescent nail polishes will sell for $9.50, the same as the old OPI Sephora nail polishes. However, I guess you could call them more special nail polishes (anything with glitter pieces or luster dust), will sell for $11.50, making them slightly more expensive. Sure, $2 is not a big deal, but as Sephora didn’t specialize in nail polish prior to this split, I can’t speak for the quality of their nail polishes, making me a little more hesitant to purchase them. This doesn’t mean that I will refuse to purchase them simply because they are Sephora Brand, but I would definitely have to try them or do more research before I pulled out my money.

The second thing I don’t really like about the Sephora X nail polishes is the packaging. I LOVED how the packaging of the OPI Sephora nail polishes were the same as the regular OPI packaging. Call me anal, but I like having all my nail polishes the same size and I also thought the OPI packaging is really cute and easy to manage when using. From what I have seen and read online, the Sephora X nail polishes have a square bottle top, however this is not a type that you pop off like the Butter London nail polishes or Chanel polishes. Due to the size and shape of the tops, this makes using the brush a little more inconvenient. Also, as it is with most bottles that are square in shape, they never line back up correctly no matter how hard you try. This leaves you with bottles of nail polishes that have caps that are in weird angles and in my mind are extremely ugly.

This is my review of the new Sephora X nail polishes. I am hoping to get my hands on them soon so that I can do another review of what I personally think about these nail polishes and not just based on what I have read. Hope this helps and until next time!