Playing with Stripes

Ok, so this summer was suppose to be the summer where I really had a chance to sit down and make this blog exactly how I wanted it. I had also planned to do lots of updates, and had planned on posting a lot about the different nail designs that I did. However, I made exactly two posts this summer, one on June 28th about me coming back from a serious illness, and then one on July 24th about Sephora’s new nail polishes.

If you had a chance to read my previous posts, you will discover that I was incapacitated at the beginning of summer due to a horrible problem with a viral infection in my inner ear, which caused me to have en extremely bad case of vertigo. It took me almost a month to get over my illness. Right after I had gotten better, I had to do a lot of personal things and didn’t have really a lot of time to do my nails and blog. I finally found time to blog about Sephora’s new nail polishes and had planned some more posts, when I got sick for a second time. My ear, nose, throat (E.N.T) doctor diagnosed my illness as benign positional vertigo, which basically caused me to ┬áreally dizzy and have horrible vertigo for approximately another month, which brings us to today. So basically, I wasted my entire summer being sick. Unfortunately, school starts in a week, which means I will not have a lot of time to do my nails, but I will try and keep this blog going because this is really a passion of mine.

I finally had time this week to do my nails, and I will be talking about them in this post. This morning I was sitting around trying to decide what color or colors to paint my nails. I knew I wanted to do something fun, but also interesting, but appropriate for a teacher. School starts in a week and I probably won’t have time to re-do my nails before then, and so I want to make sure that my nails are funky and cool but also appropriate for my position as a teacher. Recently I’ve really been inspired by all things British, especially the British flag. It has also been an iconic logo in fashion and recently it has made a return in all things fashion, and I’ve really been digging it. So I finally decided that for my nails I would emulate the feel of the British flag using similar colors, but not copy the design exactly. To be honest, I don’t even think I am talented enough to actually draw the Union Jack on my fingers. Now, I must say that I don’t have a striper tool at home. I have two very basic dotting tools and a small paintbrush (to clean off my cuticles) that I actually got at Michael’s when I first started doing my nails and that is basically it when it comes to nail tools. Now, of course I wasn’t thinking when I started, and then by the time I realized, I was like screw it, I’m plowing ahead anyways. As a result, I painted the lines on my fingers using my dotting tool and basically creating lots of stippling dots connected together to make it look like a line. The cons with this method is that unless you have a very very steady hand (like robotic steady), your lines will come out with varying thickness and will not be perfectly straight. However, I am somewhat pleased with the results considering what I had to work with, but this is by no means a perfect manicure, so please forgive the slight sloppiness of the look.

So for this manicure I basically used four different colors. The first two colors came out of the Sephora by OPI Life’s a Beach mini nail polish collection that I got from my best friend for my birthday this year. We’ve been friends for almost 20 years, and I absolutely love her. The first color from the set is called “I’m Wired” which is this coral-y orange color and the second color I used form the kit is called “Havana Dreams” which is this beautiful shade of light blue. I also used Essie’s “Butler Please” which is this bright wonderful cobalt blue, and finally Essie’s “Marshmallow” which is a white as you could probably tell by the name. I also used Sally Hansen’s “Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthing Top Coat” to finish off my manicure.

So you can see pictures of my nails below. Again, not one of my best executed nail designs, but I still love it. Hopefully next time I try to do a manicure with stripes, I will have purchased a striper tool or at least a really thin paint brush.